Affordable Opiate Addiction Treatment

How can you not afford opiate addiction treatment? There are many costs associated with addiction . Before deciding that addiction treatment is too expensive, you have to consider the costs of remaining addicted to opiates. Many treatment options are not expensive.

Cost of Addiction that Makes Treatment Worth It

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the cost of drug abuse is around 600 million per year. Widespread treatment can reduce this cost substantially. On a more personal level, methadone, one of the least expensive treatments for opiate addiction only costs around 4,000 per year.

This is compared to a full year in prison, which will cost you around 24,000 or a DUI which can cost up to 10,000. There is also the financial cost of the doctor’s visits and drugs themselves. Doctor’s visits alone can be around 1,200 per year and the medications more depending on where you are getting them.

You will also probably lose your job when your addiction gets bad enough. Employers do not like addicts working for them. Opiates can make you make fatal errors that could seriously injure someone.

Paying The Cost of Treatment

Compared to the financial, legal, and social costs of addiction, the cost of treatment does not seem so bad. If you truly cannot afford treatment, there are some options that can help you.

Sliding scale

Some treatment centers offer a sliding scale fee. This means that they reduce their costs to help you afford treatment.


Many insurance plans now cover drug treatment. This includes opiate addiction and multiple addictions. They also cover the mental illnesses associated with addiction.


Employers are no offering help with addiction services and treatment. It is less expensive for them to pay for treatment than it is to have an employee that is out of work or making mistakes.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family can also help you afford opiate addiction treatment. Most families would rather you be treated for your addiction then continue it.