And over 500 million of these use it daily. You understand…movies of a well-dressed millennial shooting selfies, riffing about earning money on the internet, a beautiful beach scene at the background, and also choppy look-at-the-birdie camera motions. When I first learned about this advertising plan for freelance writers, I thought it seemed much like one of these spammy get-rich advertising applications spawned by the be-a-social-media-star generation. Waitwhat? Sure lots of these individuals are only sharing their own selfie library. Are there any possible way Instagram Live can allow you to property freelance writing projects? That is the question which has been in my head. I have got the inquisitive mind of a journalist and needed to learn.

Get more freelance writing jobs with Instagram Live. Wait, what?

When I first heard about this marketing strategy for freelance writers, I thought it sounded a lot like one of those spammy get-rich marketing programs spawned from the be-a-social-media-star generation.

You know…videos of a well-dressed millennial taking selfies, riffing on making money online, a lovely beach scene in the background, and choppy look-at-the-birdie camera movements.

Is there any possible way Instagram Live could help you land freelance writing jobs?

That’s the question that was on my mind. Call it Shiny Object Syndrome if you want. I’ve got the curious mind of a journalist and had to find out.

For starters, think about this…Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users. And more than 500 million of them use it every day.

Sure many of those people are just sharing their selfie library.

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