Chadwick has believed this provocative argument from every possible angle, making’XX’ a richly designed and curiously plausible book. XX from Angela Chadwick

The opening paragraph of ‘XX’ by Angela Chadwick is as good as any to sum up the premise of her debut novel published last year: “After years of controversial research, scientists at Portsmouth University’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine have this morning announced plans to create IVF babies from two women. They’re pushing for a change to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act that will make it legal to fertilise an egg with genetic material from a second female.” Lesbian couple Rosie and Jules are quick to take up the opportunity to have a baby of their own through the means of a groundbreaking clinical trial, but a backlash from right-wing movements inevitably creates problems along the way.

Chadwick has considered this provocative debate from every possible angle, which makes ‘XX’ a richly developed and strangely plausible novel.

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