Following lots of exercise, Dexter Darling and I hit the street to do at local library displays. It is much like a ventriloquist hoping to master the abilities to deliver a doll . Initially, I was not very good at it. Nonetheless, it is a skill you can understand, and that’s ghostwriting. If you are beginning, ghostwriting can be somewhat tricky. You’ve got to understand to write and think like your customer, and different that out of your own ideas and writing design. as soon as the audience appreciated his one-liners and humorous antics over that I had to say,” I understood the process was much like ghostwriting.

Have you ever wondered how to master the voice of a ghostwriting client?

When you’re starting out, ghostwriting can be a little tricky. You have to learn how to think and write like your client, and separate that from your own thoughts and writing style.

It’s a lot like a ventriloquist trying to master the skills to bring a doll to life.

When I picked up my vent-figure doll “Dexter Darling,” I had a lot to learn to develop his voice and personality. In the beginning, I wasn’t very good at it. But it’s a skill you can learn, and so is ghostwriting.

After plenty of practice, Dexter Darling and I hit the road to perform at local library shows.

When the audience enjoyed his one-liners and funny antics more than anything I had to say, I realized the process was a lot like ghostwriting.

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