How to Be a Professional Writer

Writing is both a skill and art–that is, from the vantage point of a professional writer. As a skill, the writer learns about the language, and in the case of the global tongue used today, English is the dominant language used. American English is a language that you have to master if you want to write like a pro.

If you are engaged in a writing project, make sure you have the time to write for this project. Professional writers can accomplish small or big writing project because their minds are attuned or programmed to work in such a way that they can sit down and write. Experienced writers can eliminate “writer’s block” from their writing habits.

Develop the good habit of sitting down immediately to complete a writing project. Every professional writer uses his or her experience in writing. For some, the writing skill “is in the blood” so to speak, but for many, the ability to write comes mainly from years of painstaking practice. To write like a pro, you must first learn the language required for the use of your writing skill.

Sitting down to write takes a lot of time too. After one has gathered all the data he needs, one needs to make sure the information is well utilized and put into writing. The facts need to be checked, and in many instances, the validation of a person, an incident or an event could take some time.

If you have some experience in writing and are engaged in a writing project, learn how you can use the built-in features of the software you are using. The basic is Microsoft Word of course, but there are many writing apps right now that can make you write like a pro. Among these are Zoho Writer, ProWritingAid, Scrivener, Evernote, yWriter, Fade IN, LibreOffice, Ulysses, Writer, and AP Stylebook.

However, learning how to use every app to enhance your writing ability could be time-consuming, and could deprive your writing production of the original creativity that you have. Learning to write without fear is a step towards opening that creative self you have kept for years. It means you should not be afraid of making mistakes and be brave enough to face the criticism of others.

While sloppy writing can be made a pro by using a sleek writing app, nothing can beat a well-written piece based on the built-in experience of the writer. It means that while there are existing apps to save you from all types of writing troubles–from spelling to grammar mistakes–you should avoid being over-dependent on the apps.

Writing like a pro is a personal situation that requires making decisions related to syntax, semantics, and style of presentation. You need to show off your creative talent in writing. An app may advise you to switch words or phrases, but if you feel that only “this” particular word or phrase can best show the world about what you want the world to know, then, by all means, stick by your decision.

In the end, constant writing practice will eventually lead you towards becoming a professional writer.

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