I will practically guarantee that the exercise will provide some critical truth bombs regarding your time-management abilities and dedication to create a living composing. And there’s the fact of being a freelance author (which does not seem anything like the fantasy edition of the freelance life). Too busy doing exactly what, exactly? If you examine your daily activities in a time management standpoint, it is a telltale indication of where your writing career is going…down a dead-end to nowhere, or about a course to go up and bring in more. There is the made-for-TV dream edition of freelancer authors perform all day. You know, where you invest just five minutes daily writing. Be honest. Proceed. Cough an hour-by-hour record of how you invest your own time.

You think you’ve got time management dialed in to be a successful freelance writer.

But do you really? Be honest.

Go ahead. Cough up an hour-by-hour report of how you spend your time.

It might sound like a frivolous, time-wasting task. You’re too busy, right? Too busy doing what, exactly?

I can almost guarantee the exercise will deliver some serious truth bombs about your time-management skills and commitment to make a living writing.

There’s the made-for-TV dream version of what freelance writers do all day. You know, where you spend like five minutes a day writing.

And then there’s the reality of being a freelance writer (which doesn’t look anything like the dream version of the freelance life).

When you look at your day-to-day activities from a time management perspective, it’s a telltale sign of where your writing career is going…down a dead-end to nowhere, or on a path to move up and earn more.

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