I’d be amazed if the longlist was dominated by established writers as it had been last year. When thinking about which books can make the cut, I have been considering forecasts concerning potential possibilities and my tastes — some I’ve read, and a few I have not. I doubt I shall better my predictions this past year where I correctly figured six from this 13″Man Booker dozen” longlisted names such as the eventual winner Lincoln from the Bardo by George Saunders.  As , I don’t have any understanding of which novels have been filed for consideration so that my predictions might just as readily be completely wrong this time.

The Man Booker Prize longlist will be announced on Tuesday 24th July and the annual guessing game of “posh bingo” commences once again. When considering which books could make the cut, I have been thinking about predictions in terms of likely possibilities and my personal preferences – some I have already read, and some I haven’t. I doubt I will better my predictions last year in which I correctly guessed six out of the 13 “Man Booker dozen” longlisted titles including the eventual winner Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. As ever, I have no knowledge of which books have actually been submitted for consideration so my predictions could just as easily be entirely wrong this time.

I would be surprised if the longlist was as dominated by established authors as it was last year.

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