Is Operating on a Guidebook Actually as Exhausting as It’s Made Out to Be?

When The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map first came out, weighing in at more than a pound and featuring nearly 400 pages covering every facet of the travel writing life from the schedule to the rates, the negotiating tactics to lists of hundreds and hundreds of magazines to target, and templates for everything from pitches to mapping out your best writing hours, a lot of people asked me how long it took to write.

Typically, these people were:
(a) not full-time writers, and/or
(b) not people who had ever written a book-length work

Before I was a full-time freelance writer, I was a full-time in-house writer at a university. While I do not mean to say that things move at the light speed of a newsroom or digital agency in my former job, I was accustomed to getting big projects out and writing something clever and deliverable on deadline whether you wanted to or not.

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