It can be easy to think you have got a lot of thigs in your own to-do listing to begin writing. You are thinking you will need a hour or more of time to begin composing, finish a mission or spend some time advertising to land more customer work. It happens. Strategies vary. Someone pukes on the trip to college. Your toddler will not return for a rest. Or your designated composing time becomes annihilated by another priority. When I waited for a day once I got all the time that I intended for composing, I wouldn’t ever get something done. I needed to find out a better method. Whether you are a stay-at-home freelancer or operating a day job and writing across the other side, dividing time to begin writing or advertising your services might be challenging.

Short on time? It can be easy to think you’ve got too many thigs on your to-do list to start writing.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home freelancer or working a day job and writing on the side, carving out time to start writing or marketing your services can be a challenge.

There’s a long list of reasons (aka excuses): Meetings, kids, email, laundry, phone calls, grocery shopping, writer website updates, etc.

You’re thinking you need an hour or more of time to start writing, finish an assignment or spend time marketing to land more client work. But that hour never seems to materialize. It happens.

Plans change. Someone pukes on the ride to school. Your toddler won’t go down for a nap. Or your designated writing time gets annihilated by some other priority.

If I waited around for a day when I got all the time I planned for writing, I would never get anything done. I had to figure out a better way.

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