January Slump? Everyone’s on holiday. Editors are outside. You are busy with household. And there you’re in the workplace, looking at a vacant mission calendar. If you are trying to make large from freelance job, obtaining a”down” month is a issue. However, it does not need to be like that. Should you do it correctly, you may still enjoy the holidays and take off time. It frequently goes to crap from January. My concept: Income stinks in January because advertising tends to knock off in December. One day you have a steady flow of freelance job. And the following, you are focused on creating the holiday dinner, dinner a party, purchasing presents, or even making travel plans. But that is not the reason why the very first month of this year is often a loser.

I’ve noticed something about my freelance work and writing income. It often goes to crap in January.

Does this happen to you?

One day you’ve got a steady stream of freelance work. And the next, you’re focused on making the holiday meal, hosting a party, buying gifts, or making travel plans.

But that’s not the real reason the first month of the year is often a loser.

My theory: Income sucks in January because marketing tends to slack off in December.

After all, it’s the holidays! Everyone’s on vacation. Editors are out. You’re busy with family. The next thing you know, it’s January 3. And there you are in the office, looking at an empty assignment calendar.

When you’re trying to earn big from freelance work, having a “down” month is a problem.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you do it right, you can still enjoy the holidays and take time off.

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