Keyword Optimization Techniques You Can Apply

Keyword research is one of the pillars in search engine optimization. The problem is we may do things the wrong way and not even know it. There are many best free SEO tools that you can use for keyword research and we try to find out which techniques are most effective in helping with your search engine optimization.

Keywords are the terms that searchers type on search engines. As part of SEO, you need to have the right keywords in your articles or blogs in order for your website to get a high ranking. You don’t just add any keyword because the wrong one can actually do more harm to your marketing efforts. Using the right tools and just randomly typing in keywords may result in keywords that are highly competitive. This is because your competitor is doing the same thing.

We share with you some techniques that you can apply to make your keyword research effective and boost your SEO against your competition.

  1. Identify Your Target Market

In doing advanced keyword research knowing who your target market is can be a big advantage in choosing the right keywords in order to reach them.

For example, you are a wedding coordinator and your target market is couples who want to have their dream wedding, but don’t have the time to prepare for it themselves. If you limit your keywords to “wedding coordinator,” you would be in a very competitive category because this is most likely what your competitors are also using as keywords for their website.

You should do research about related keywords that your competition is not using. Look for what couples who are planning their weddings are typing into their search boxes and target those keywords for your website. Keywords that are related to “weddings” and but have nothing to do with “wedding coordinator” is the best place to start with your keyword research. You can use wedding venues, wedding gowns, wedding rings, wedding singer, etc. This will give you a leg up on your competition who may still be using the common keywords that are highly competitive.

You should also go to forums and websites that your customers hang out in. Look for the most popular and common topics that they talk about and add those to your keywords.

  1. Generate More Ideas For Keywords

Using Google suggest is one of the ways experts use in generating new ideas for keywords. All you need to do is type in your topic in the search box of Google, don’t press “Enter,” instead take a look at the keywords that Google suggests for you, these are great long-tail keywords that you can use for your website. You can also generate a new set of suggestions by placing a few spaces before your keyword topic.

The next strategy is looking for keyword topics on Quora. This is a massive source of keywords from people who ask and answer questions about any topic under the sun. Just type in your keyword topic in the search Quora search box and see what topics come up. You can get some valuable keyword ideas from here.

Another great resource is Reddit, just like in Quora all you need to do is type in your keyword, topic, then look for threads that keep on repeating a topic over and over again. This is a good idea for a keyword.

The Google search engine has another feature that you can use to generate new keyword ideas. This is Google’s Related To feature. All you need to do is type in your topic, then press enter. You go to the bottom of the results and look at the “related to” topics. These are a great resource for new long-tail keyword ideas that you can add to your content.

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