Lots of trade and consumer magazines cover $500 or a per mission. In case you have been cranking out magazine tales for $50 to $150 a soda, you could be asking yourself if that is really actually possible. That is frequently the going rate for regional, local, or even small-circulation magazines. if you would like to write for publications, and have limited expertise, these are excellent places to find a few clips, and make some cash, but it should not be your final stop. It is a wonderful way to create a living writing in the event that you pitch the proper books.

Want to write for magazines?

It’s a great way to make a living writing if you pitch the right publications. How about $500 or more per assignment?

If you’ve been cranking out magazine stories for $50 to $150 a pop, you may be wondering if that’s really even possible. That’s often the going rate for local, regional, or small-circulation magazines.

If you want to write for magazines, and have limited experience, these are great places to get some clips, and earn some money, but it shouldn’t be your last stop.

Many consumer and trade magazines pay $500 or more per assignment.

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