MaddAddam from Margaret Atwood

The final part of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy brings together the bioengineered Crakers from Oryx and Crake and the eco-religious cult known as God’s Gardeners from The Year of the Flood. Picking up from where both of these books end after the human race has been almost entirely wiped out by a man-made plague, Toby takes centre stage once again, leading the small community of survivors along with Zeb, a mysterious minor character from ‘The Year of the Flood’.

The third parts of trilogies tend to climax with some sort of prolonged epic battle but an author as innovative as Atwood doesn’t provide her readers with anything as predictable as this. Rather than building up tension for a big showdown, ‘MaddAddam’ is a much more subdued book than I was expecting, mostly because much of the book is taken up with filling in the characters’ back stories, recapping events which had already happened from alternative perspectives.

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