Their Brilliant Professions by Ryan O’Neill

I’ve been studying a great deal of non-fiction throughout the past couple of weeks, as well as the latest publication I’ve read masquerades as a set of biographical sketches. ‘Their Fantastic Professions’ from Ryan O’Neill is introduced as a selection of sixteen portraits of Australian literary characters in the 20past century.  This is a shame the blurb and also my critique are forced by necessity to show that everything in the devotion to the indicator is devised, but O’Neill’s highly funny pastiche more than makes up with this.

I heard about’Their Outstanding Professions’ via a thread thread on Twitter from Scott Bundle, the editor-in-large of little independent writer Lightning Books, on the frankly baffling experience of submitting the publication because of the Man Booker Prize panel (much more comprehensive blog article can be obtained here).

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