We Know It’s Early, However We Have Items for You! (As a result of You Are What We’re Grateful for This Yr)

I had a coaching call today with someone that I met at a really preeminent writers’ conference who recently joined our Full Coaching Program, and had to take a moment.

As we wove through her vision for her future, goals, and past writing experiences over the course of the hour, I was touched by the depth of her intellect and ability to articulate the intangible.

And I just thought how incredibly lucky I felt to be sharing our resources and vision for what the life of a travel writer can be with this kind of writers.

In the two years since this business began, I have been so honored that so many of you have shared your experiences with us to empower me to have the perspective of what travel writing life is like not just for myself, but for the multitudes of you out there who are succeeding in this career or on your way.

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