Weblog Writing Fails: Five Mind-Useless Zombie Errors That Sicken Editors

Do your weblog writing pitches stink?

There’s a very easy option to inform…you’re now not getting ANY responses from editors or advertising and marketing administrators.

That ever occur to you?

Whilst you ship an editor a rotten pitch for a weblog put up, there’s a great opportunity your method makes you sound like a brain-dead zombie.

And there’s protocol for that within the Editor’s Common Information to the Zombie Apocalypse:

Hit delete. Author is also inflamed. Quarantine inbox straight away. Caution, freelancer seems to be devoid of creativity, mind lifeless, not able to keep up a correspondence with phrases. Don’t interact.

In case your weblog writing pitch is so dangerous it makes an editor unwell or triggers their zombie-response coaching to keep away from you in any respect prices, it’s going to be difficult to make a dwelling writing.

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