Who Produced the Alphabet Song? A frequent solution to this issue is the ABC tune was initially copyrighted under the name The Schoolmaster at 1834 with an American guy called Charles Bradlee. It is possible to see the first sheet music and lyrics .

Singing helps us remember information. 

Rachael Dwyer, University of the Sunshine Coast

Who made the ABC song? – Hendrix, age 6, Dunsborough, Western Australia.

Hendrix, 6, of Dunsborough in Western Australia, had four questions for our Curious Kids experts. Today we are answering his third question. We will try to come back to your other questions another time, Hendrix. Thank you very much for sending them in. Hendrix, 6, of Dunsborough in Western Australia

A common answer to this question is that the ABC song was first copyrighted under the title The Schoolmaster in 1834 by an American man named Charles Bradlee. You can see the original sheet music and lyrics here.

But the history of this famous song goes back a little further than that.

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