Why Being Self Employed Is Awesome

As tradition would have it, we always hear our parents say that we need to get an education in order to secure our future. That would mean getting employment once you graduate from college.  

This is still one of the ways we can do things but with the entry of the Internet this path may not be the best anymore.

Getting a college education has never been as expensive, many students need to avail of student loans in order to get by. Once you get that degree, that doesn’t guarantee a job automatically. You have to go through the process of applying for one just like all the thousands of other graduates like you. It is also common for a new graduate to get hired in an entry level position which means low to minimum pay.

When you think about the amount of money that was spent in order to get that college degree, you start to realize that based on your current salary it could take decades for you to recover the investment spent for your education.

This is the reason why many workers are considering the shift to self-employment. A lot who have made the jump realize that it is so much better than being employed and working for someone else.

Why People Love Being Self-Employed

You don’t have a boss

Being able to leave the rat race and be your own boss is both liberatin

g and challenging at the same time. If you were fortunate enough to have a great boss, then you learn from him and apply the good things that he has shown you to your own business. On the flip side, if you were under a m

onster boss, then being self-employed is your path to freedom.

You get to earn more income

If we get the average, those who are self-employed earn 45% more than those who are employed. Another perk is that certain business expenses are allowed as tax deductions so this can add more to their income. There are certain jobs that freelancers can do that can make them earn 6 figure incomes.

An example would be jobs related to social media management. Social media managers are in demand nowadays and they can get a good rate for their expertise. ECommerce is booming and more and more companies are starting to make their presence felt online using social media as their platform to market their brand.

You save more

Freelancers save up on gas, and food expenses if they choose to work fr

om home. You don’t need to wake up very early only to be stuck in the rush hour traffic on your way to work. No need to dress in office attire daily, saves on wardrobe expenses and even laundry. For parents, child care expenses can now be a thing of the past.

You can choose who you work for

Employees can’t choose what type of boss they will work for. They also have no control over who their customers and clients will be. Freelancers have the freedom to choose who they work for and work with. If you encounter clients who have bad attitudes and practices, then you can just move on from them and choose a better one. There won’t be any gossiping co-workers that you need to deal with as well.    

You work at your own pace

You can now choose to have a fixed schedule that suits you or mix up your working hours and be flexible with time. Being the boss allows you to do this. This means more time to rest because you are not in a hurry all the time. Having a schedule that fits your other non-business chores can be a great help in better management of your household. You now have time to clean the car, fix the roof or spend more time with family.  

Being self employed is a great and awesome alternative to being traditionally employed. But this is not for everyone, it takes discipline and hard work to make the most out of a freelancing career. If you master the basics then you will get to enjoy one of the best working experiences out there that are available for you to try out.

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