Why It’s Important To Hire a Quality Press Release Distribution Service

Small businesses and startups can benefit well when they hire a distribution service to distribute their press release. When you picked a quality service, your release reaches tens of thousands of journalists and publications.

Press release distribution companies offer different packages, pricing, features and benefits. You have to be very careful before dealing with a service to ensure that you maximize your return-on-investment (ROI).

press release distribution

Check out the reasons why choosing a reputable press release service is important:

Newswire – What is press release distribution

  1. Improves your visibility.

Brands write releases to gain media coverage that widens their exposure. With a good service, your news is syndicated by journalists and major publications that are important for your business.

When your news reaches plenty of journalists and news outlets, more audiences can read your story. It can appear on magazines, newspapers, news sites, radios and televisions.

When more people and businesses learn about your brand, they get to know what your business is doing, what you offer and why they should engage with you. With the constant issuance of releases, they learn that you’re a thought leader in your niche.

You receive many opportunities, including investors who are interested to collaborate with you. You’ll also expect more clients and sales as your brand becomes more popular.

  1. You can maintain a good reputation.

Good distribution companies have ties with minor and major news and media outlets, as well as journalists and influencers. Placing your press release in their hands can reach the media that can likely land you media coverage.

If you let them manage your consumer alert release, such as news associated with security breaches, safety concerns and recalls, you can be assured that reaches the right audience. You can manage your reputation by mitigating the crises.

  1. You develop a solid branding.

When your story reaches your target journalists and publications, you have better exposure. Whether you’re a startup or a popular business, your brand becomes an authority. Make sure that you don’t distribute a release for one time only.

To maximize your exposure, distribute releases on a regular basis. This ensures that your brand becomes visible in the eyes of the public.

Start writing a release for different newsworthy reasons. If you write a content that highlight your stance on a trending issue, or a content that offers valuable benefits and tips, the audience will perceive you as an industry expert.

It’s a positive note to your brand because you have an edge over your competitors. When you become an authority in your industry, you attract more customers. This brings you more sales and builds your credibility.

  1. You achieved better results.

There’s a big difference between a paid, reputable press release service and a cheap or free service. There’s a reason why you are asked to pay for a significant fee compared to having it free.

Distributing your releases through a paid service has a better chance of reaching the reporters and publications that can give you publicity. You get tracking and analytics report that summarize the performance of each distribution.

Working with a good distribution service includes having a dedicated customer service that can answer your inquiries and requests. Any alterations can be addressed right away.

A good service knows what kind of release can get published. They can advise you, so you always come out with a relevant and newsworthy release.

A well written release can get links from sites that find your content valuable. As a result, you gain better search engine rankings and your brand becomes an authority.

  1. Your story reaches your target customers.

Most online wire services provide geo-targeting feature where you can choose the industry related to your business. The feature also allows that you choose the location and publications that you want to target.

Hiring a service for distribution cuts the long work of researching a journalists and building connections. You can reach the journalist that your target audiences follow. It ensures that your story will be read by your audiences.

Reaching your audience is the goal of distributing releases. When you know that your audience reads your story, everything follows- sales, leads, brand awareness.

  1. You know if your campaign is successful.

When you worked with a reputable press release service, you receive reports, data and charts that you can track your campaign’s performance. Paying for distribution ensures that you know how far your release has reached, traffic to your site, monthly visitors, who picks your story and how much headline impressions received.

This feature isn’t offered by cheap and free distribution sites. Although it’s free or more affordable, you are throwing an investment by issuing newsworthy releases that don’t get results.

What’s the use of writing a press release if you will not know its ROI? The company that you chose to work with should inform you all the results.

  1. You can attract investors.

If your news appeared on a popular newspaper that is read by a lot of investors, you get the opportunity of exposure. When more investors see your story and learn about your business, they may express their interest to work with you.

Collaborations can grow your business. Not all businesses get this opportunity. Investors don’t just work with any business. If they know that you’re a trustworthy, reliable and industry leader, they will be encouraged to work with you.

Writing releases and choosing the right distribution partner boosts your chance to attract investors and partners. Highlight stories that include your company milestones, honors or awards, achievements, acquisition or sponsorships.

  1. Your story gets distributed far and wide.

When you work with good online distribution sites, your news can reach different locations. You get the exposure with local and the national publications as well as influencers and journalists.

Choose a company that is connected with a wider range of publications and reporters. Check their media database.

They offer an added feature of social media sharing that ensures that your release can get exposed in the social media. Audiences can share your content with a social media button included in your published news.


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