Writing Blogs on Your Website

There are some famous free blogging sites and platforms that any writer can join and post blogs. Writing blogs website is the lifeblood of writers who want to succeed both in writing and in making money out of blogs. The OnBlastBlog site provides comprehensive information about these attractive blog writing websites.

If you’re interested, you can start for free on these sites. In each of these sites, there are instructions and tips on how to write a blog, how to make a blog website, and posting a blog. Later, a newbie blogger can upgrade one’s site to premium and pay a monthly “rental.” Recently, quite interesting blogs have appeared on these sites like “How to Make Money with an Adult Blog,” and “4 WordPress Hacks You Should Know for Your First Blog.” The best blogging sites are those that initially offer free postings, and at the same time high features to allow a blogger to drive traffic to one’s blog and generate cash.

One of these is WordPress.org. This site is a highly recommended one and considered the number one most popular best free blog site and blogging platform. But what makes it so? WordPress is very beginner-friendly and offers easy to use options and ultimate customization. According to OnBlastBlog, most of the largest blogs in the world that generate substantial revenues use WordPress.org.

You can create a truly stunning website for your blogs in WordPress and attract advertisers. There are many ways to advertise on a WordPress blog site. The estimated user count is 60 million, and 19 percent of the internet uses the site. WordPress has 35,000 plugins, 3,000 themes, and designs and is social media and SEO friendly. The site has a rating of 9.5/10.

Another is Blogger.com, a free blog hosting website owned by Google, recommended for beginner level bloggers. If you want a domain, you have to pay $10 per year. The site offers an option to edit the coding, layout customization, and an AdSense monetization option. Google owns all blogs written by you and posted in Blogger.com. The site has a rating of 8/10.

Next is Tumblr.com that introduced a unique set-up based on the concept of micro-blogging, a method different from regular blogging that allows for easy uploading of stories, pictures, and videos. However, plugin compatibility and visual customization options are limited. Hosting is included with about 100-plus themes and designs and is mobile and SEO friendly. Remarkably, it has a rating of 9/10.

You can build your website in any of the significant blog sites mentioned above. If you have already developed some good blogs that you think can earn income, set up your site through Weebly. You can build it yourself since Weebly offers free software for s drag and drop website builder. With stylish designs, you can engage in e-commerce with less technical problems.

Then, there’s wix.com designed for businesses and professionals who want to create high-quality websites with lots of features quickly. You can integrate ads, professional themes, and designs and e-commerce tools. However, wix has limited customization options, and changing themes and templates is not that easy.

Squarespace is for advanced users and businesses that create stunning, static websites, with almost the same features as weebly and wix.

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