You Believe It, I Will Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld

The blurb of ‘You Think It, I’ll Say It’ describes the unifying themes of Curtis Sittenfeld’s first collection of short stories as “how even the cleverest people tend to misread others, and how much we all deceive ourselves”. Specifically, the passing of time tends to distort the memories of the protagonists who are often flawed and naive, yet with just enough self-awareness to recognise these traits in themselves. This allows Sittenfeld’s natural gifts for convincing character portraits and satire (especially where class snobbery is concerned) to shine through in this contemporary collection.

Sittenfeld is best known for her third novel American Wife, which fictionalises the life of Laura Bush and she returns with another portrait of a prominent female figure in US politics in the opening story ‘The Nominee’ (which only appears in the UK edition).

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