Your author site is a fantastic chance to make a writing sample. If you’d like internet customers, developing a wonderful writer site is a terrific way to show them ‘get’ the world wide web. There are unquestionably some vital things to understand about branding for author sites. I have reviewed literally countless author websites through the years — and noticed authors succeed and fail using their websites. And its corollary: What if the tagline state? However, most freelance writers do not have one. Which could be because when lots of authors consider putting up a website, it raises the question: What if the title of my author site be? Writer Sites: 4 Fabulous Branding Options That Bring Clients

Writer websites are a proven way to stand out from the crowd, and get new clients calling you.

But most freelance writers don’t have one. That may be because when many writers contemplate putting up a site, it raises the question: What should the name of my writer website be?

And its corollary: What should the tagline say?

It’s easy to get hung up on what to do for website branding. So many possibilities! Then, you stall out and don’t end up putting one up.

That’s not good.

Your writer website is a great opportunity to create a writing sample. If you want online clients, creating a fantastic writer website is a great way to show them you ‘get’ the internet.

There are definitely some key things to know about branding for writer websites. I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of writer sites over the years — and seen writers succeed and fail with their sites.

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